Our Young People

Our Young People

Working in partnership with young people

The Young and Well CRC would not happen without young people, simple as that. They are the centre of the entire organisation, and the reason we exist.

The Youth Brains Trust is a group of enthusiastic and committed young people from around Australia, who are passionate about improving their own wellbeing and that of their peers. They play a pivotal role in advising the Young and Well CRC Board and they sit in parallel with our Scientific Leadership Council and our Technologies and Innovations Collective. The Youth Brains Trust works in partnership with the Young and Well CRC community to determine what works best for young people, explore new and emerging technologies to promote wellbeing, communicate the outcomes of our research and shape the future direction of the organisation.

To date, the Youth Brains Trust and over 600 other young people from our partner organisations have been critical in helping us shape our research agenda. The Young and Well CRC will continue to work in partnership with young people at every possible opportunity in order to discover and create the most effective and relevant ways that technology can be a positive part of young people’s lives.

The First Peoples Youth Council is a group of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people aged 12 to 25 from across Australia. The Council provides strategic advice and support to Young and Well CRC and our project teams to ensure that our research and outputs meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

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