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Are you interested in leading research and new practice in the field of young people, technology and wellbeing? Want to know how you can get involved in and contribute to the work of the Young and Well CRC? Then sign up to be part of the Young and Well Network.

Members of the Young and Well Network are united by a common interest in gaining a better understanding of how technology can be used to improve the wellbeing of young people. So whether you represent a youth, health or community organisation, are an individual researcher, early career researcher, practitioner, policymaker, parent, educator or young person, we welcome your interest and input at any level.

Become a member of the Young and Well Network and you will receive regular (approximately monthly) newsletter updates from the Young and Well CRC including:

  • Priority access to new research.
  • Opportunities to participate in education and training programs.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the development and dissemination of new initiatives.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with Young and Well CRC partners.
  • Priority access to evidence-based programs and services developed through our projects, to be adapted and utilised in your local community.

If your organisation is already a partner in the Young and Well CRC and you are a named participant, there is no need for you to register for the Young and Well Network.

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