Advice on Innovative Technologies in e-Mental Health

Briefing Paper for the National Mental Health Commission

There is a very strong evidence base supporting the role of technologies and the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of e-mental health solutions, and yet that evidence is not necessarily translated to practice and policy.

The Young and Well CRC’s major recommendations to the National Mental Health Commission include:

  1. Integration – align, consolidate and integrate the use of e-mental health technologies with the existing mental health system.
  2. Re-orient the system – technologies allow for a tailored approach on a mass scale, placing the individual at the centre of their own care.
  3. Future-proofing through R&D – leverage new and emerging technologies to develop integrated digital products and services that deliver effective services and augment face-to-face care.
  4. Leadership – the sector is in need of strategic and transformational leadership in order to move into the 21st century.
  5. Sustainable funding – transform how the sector is funded through innovative business and funding models for sustainability (such as Public Private Partnerships; social impact bonds, etc)

This paper presents 25 sub-recommendations that will see the realisation of a system reimagined.


Associate Professor Jane Burns
George Liacos
Felicity Green

In consultation with:
Dawn O’Neil AM
Anil Thapliyal

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  • Advice on Innovative Technologies in e-Mental Health
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